1. Kennesaw State University is a student-centered, research-driven R2 institution, placing it among the top 6 percent of universities for research in the nation. With an emphasis on research with relevance, KSU's research portfolio is varied and far-reaching, leading to new knowledge and discoveries by faculty and hands-on opportunities for students.

        Through a strategic planning initiative, four broad themes – Biomedical and Health Services, Computing and Technology, Human Development and Well-Being, and Sustainable and Safe Communities – emerged to help guide the future trajectory of KSU’s interdisciplinary research enterprise.

        The Office of Research promotes the engagement of research and scholarship at Kennesaw State University through its resources and services to ensure transparency, integrity, objectivity, and compliance with a focus on customer service. Our mission and goal is to support faculty and students in every possible way so they may engage in important areas of scholarship.

        These resources and services include:

        We have interdisciplinary resources as well, including the KSU Field Station, a 25-acre property just two miles from the Kennesaw campus, and Research Computing, specialized technology resources and expertise coordinated in partnership with the Vice President for Information Technology.



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