1. Attention applicants: Please be aware KSU conducts criminal background checks and drug tests. In addition, the KSU regulates smoking on campus. Please refer to our General Information for Prospective Employee for anything further about working at KSU including campus securityand the drug testing policy.

        KSU also has numerous opportunities for students to participate in arts and culture through the Student Life Center, including hundreds of student organizations, Greek life, club sports, student media, and the vibrant Kennesaw Activities Board.

        Faculty Openings

        In addition to the positions listed at the Academic Affairs website (above), select full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty positions are hosted on KSU's new faculty online search system. Click here to view those postings.

        Please note that part-time and adjunct faculty postings are listed at the discretion of the department offering the position.

        Staff Openings

        Staff openings in the recruitment stage are advertised each with individual requirements and deadlines, if applicable. Applicant pools are also posted for continuous recruitment. All applications for employment must be made online. Application stations are available in Human Resources for anyone needing assistance to apply.

        Student Assistant Openings

        Click to view Student Assistant Eligibility Requirements

        System Office Openings

        Click to view System Office Openings

        University System of GA & Affiliates

        The Board of Regents and the 31 public colleges and universities within the state of Georgia make up the University System of Georgia. Employees who move from one institution to another without a break in employment are considered transfer employees. Transferring employees may carry applicable accrued paid leave and benefits among employers. Click to view employment openings within the USG.

        Generally speaking, most other educational entities and state agencies within Georgia are considered affiliates of Kennesaw State University. Employees going from one affiliate to another without a break in employment may transfer applicable accrued paid leave to the new employer. Members of the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia and vested members of the Employees Retirement System of Georgia are also eligible to continue retirement contributions.

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