1. One of the most important parts of a university experience is helping students become global citizens. At the Division of Global Affairs, we believe that exposure to other cultures is a crucial piece of accomplishing that goal.

        The Division of Global Affairs is a multi-departmental organization that spearheads programs designed to connect Kennesaw State University Students to the world, and vice versa.

        Education abroad programs give students the opportunity to live and learn in foreign countries, while also bringing students from around the world to study here. Kennesaw State has faculty-led education abroad programs in more than two dozen countries, as well as exchanges, internships, and third-party programs in many more. The University also has exchange agreements with several international universities, including schools in China, Cameroon, Jamaica, South Korea, and Spain.

        Through academic initiatives like the award-winning “Year Of” program, students can discover new cultures without ever leaving the country. Meanwhile, the Center for African & African Diaspora Studies promotes awareness of African-descended peoples’ experiences living in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. Kennesaw State University is also one of the few universities chosen by the People’s Republic of China to be a Confucius Institute, which puts Kennesaw State at the forefront of Chinese language and cultural education in the region.

        A critical part of the DGA’s success is its ability to build relationships with key partners inside north Georgia and around the world. The DGA works with local chambers of commerce, domestic and international universities, and humanitarian organizations to find new ways to create global engagement opportunities for students, and to enhance Kennesaw State’s international prominence.

        This is just a fraction of The Division of Global Affairs’ role at Kennesaw State. Between education abroad opportunities, academic programs, student scholarships, community partnerships, and several other programs, the DGA is committed to making Kennesaw State University a gateway to the world.

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