1. Gifts to Kennesaw State University

        Make a meaningful difference. You can be a part of advancing the university's goals by making a gift to campus initiatives, specific programs, scholarships or colleges. Gift opportunities are also available for cultural, athletic or educational outreach programs.

        There are many ways you can invest in KSU. You may use a credit card, check, money order, electronic funds transfer, or give appreciated stock or other real property. You may also invest in KSU with a bequest or life income gift. Our staff is happy to assist you in finding the type of gift that best meets your needs.

        • Online Giving
        • Mail
        • Recurring Credit/Debit card draft
        • Faculty / Staff Payroll Deduction
        • Matching Gifts
        • Stocks and other Securities
        • Gift Planning
        • Memorial Gifts
        • Gifts-in-Kind

        GIVE NOW
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