1. Kennesaw State University is located just north of Atlanta, combining a suburban setting with access to one of the country’s most dynamic cities. Visiting the campus and the Kennesaw area is always an engaging experience, as KSU is host to a wide variety of both educational and general interest events.

        The Kennesaw State campus offers many educational and sightseeing opportunities for first-time visitors. From intercollegiate athletics to concerts and festivals to cultural forums, there is usually an activity worth discovering at Kennesaw State. The Kennesaw campus reflects 50 years of tradition combined with facilities designed for the needs of modern education. At the same time, Kennesaw State’s arts district showcases a thriving environment for the visual and performing arts. Kennesaw State’s Sports and Entertainment Park is a growing regional venue for events, including hosting major concerts and festivals.

        Kennesaw State makes a strong impact on the community, from its role as a major player in the regional economy to the partnerships that are being continually forged. A dedication to community service and diversity for the campus continues to define the culture of Kennesaw State. Collaboration between Kennesaw State and its larger communities – local, regional and state, national and global – is the cornerstone of efforts to be “Georgia’s Engaged University.”

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