1. Kennesaw State University is an active partner with the business community. In addition to a growing regional economic impact of nearly a billion dollars a year, Kennesaw State is making strong connections nationally and around the world to bring new entrepreneurial opportunities to Georgia.

        Through a number of world-class programs at Kennesaw State, students have the opportunity to grow into engaged and globally connected leaders. The Michael J. Coles College of Business provides a central connecting point with top executives in the business world, and faculty provide a wealth of expertise in training undergraduate and graduate students to be the next generation of leaders. Whether they learn in the business college classrooms, with internships, or through the research efforts of more than a dozen centers, institutes and labs, the students of Kennesaw State have educational opportunities related to nearly every aspect of business.

        Faculty, staff and alumni throughout the university are continually cultivating relationships with members of the business community in Georgia, as well as at the national and international levels. These connections provide new opportunities for investment and foster new research avenues in economic development.

        Corporate involvement and support is more crucial than ever to help empower and prepare students with the ability and vision to transform the future. Kennesaw State is well-placed to offer a number of opportunities for corporate organizations to help shape Georgia's future, and enhance their initiatives.

        • Establish on-campus relationships by sharing corporate experiences in the classroom
        • Access educational resources and faculty expertise
        • Participate in cooperative education and internship opportunities
        • Enhance the employee base by recruiting highly-qualified graduates

        Some of the biggest corporations have headquarters in the Atlanta area and consistently recruit graduates from Kennesaw State. The university’s Career Services Center provides a constant networking channel between students and business leaders through career fairs and internship opportunities, while ensuring that training meets the needs of modern business and industry.

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