1. The new Kennesaw State University combines the best from two of Georgia’s most respected institutions in higher education. Kennesaw State is a destination university offering students a broad spectrum of quality academics, a growing and vibrant campus life, award-winning dining facilities, and a wide array of competitive athletic teams. Spanning two campuses and including 13 colleges, with nationally ranked degrees in business, engineering and first-year programs, as well as premier teaching, nursing, architecture, and science and math programs, the new Kennesaw State University is poised to become Georgia's world-class institution.

        Kennesaw State’s consolidation with Southern Polytechnic State University has resulted in an alumni body comprising over 100,000 graduates all over the world. KSU alumni serve their communities as artists, programmers, civil servants, nurses, architects, educators, business leaders, and more, making the world a better place for all.

        Kennesaw State’s Office of Alumni Relations engages alumni from both campuses in the life of the university. The university community is proud of the ever-growing family of successful alumni!

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