1. Kennesaw State University's mission is to provide educational programs that serve a diverse student body, which includes young adults who enroll as freshmen or undergraduate transfers and an equally large number of older adults who return or transfer to the university at different stages in their lives for undergraduate or graduate study. Evening and weekend programs are designed to accommodate experienced professionals seeking academic advancement. Faculty, staff and administrators are committed to providing a challenging and facilitative collegiate environment that fosters high-quality academic preparation, critical thinking, global and multicultural perspectives, effective communication and interpersonal skills, leadership development, social responsibility and lifelong learning.

        Majors and Programs

        The foundation for all undergraduate majors is a comprehensive and coherent general education program that promotes internationalized and connected learning in the liberal arts tradition. Kennesaw State offers more than 100 accredited disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional undergraduate, baccalaureate degree programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, accounting, business fields, architecture, engineering, teacher education specialties, computing and information systems, and nursing. An expanding array of graduate degrees exists in education specialties, accounting, business fields, public administration, professional writing, conflict management, and nursing. We also offer a number of applied undergraduate and graduate certificate programs, as well as numerous minors.

        KSU Online

        Kennesaw State University offers over 70 fully online degree programs, certificate programs, hybrid online programs and more than 400 courses in online and mixed-model versions. Designed and taught by KSU faculty, online learning at Kennesaw State offers high quality degree options with online learning convenience and flexibility. Online courses and degrees at Kennesaw State University are fully accredited and held to the same learning standards, rigors, and expectations of quality that our on-campus courses and programs require.

        Professional Education

        The College of Professional Education serves students seeking professional development opportunities and skills for high-demand careers. The college offers more than 40 in-person and hybrid certificate programs and more than 350 online courses. Subjects range from culinary, HR and paralegal to technology, management, healthcare and beyond. Community programs include summer camps for rising 1st through 12th grades, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) for adults 50 and older, and personal enrichment classes. CPE also partners with colleges on campus to help bring their prestigious non-credit programs to a wider audience. The college is housed in KSU Center, a comprehensive venue for conferences and employee training.

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