1. U.S. News and World Report 

        American Council of Trustees and Alumni 

        • An “A” rating for high-quality core curriculum (9th consecutive year named, one of top 22 colleges nationally)

        Princeton Review 


        Military Times 



        • Most Affordable Online Colleges (2nd for Top Online Bachelor's Degrees; 17th for Top Online Master's Degrees)
        • Most Affordable Online Programs (14th for Online Master's in Nursing; 4th for Bachelor's in Information Technology). 


        • Best Online Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (37th in nation)
        • Best Online Master's Degrees in
          • Statistics (among top four nationally)
          • Software Engineering (ranked 15th in nation)
          • Communication (Integrated Global Communication - ranked 38th in nation)
          • Information Technology (ranked 40th in nation)
          • Electrical Engineering (ranked 43rd in nation)


        • Best Online Colleges for Computer Science Degrees (7th for Information Technology and Software Engineering and among top 50 overall nationally)
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